Blogging U 101 – Assignments 16, 17, 18 & 19 Combined

Blogging U 101 – Assignments 16, 17, 18 & 19 Combined

This week I have been a busy girl, I am so far behind in my assignments. On Monday I did my first delivery of bread from Cobbs Bakery to a local charity then enjoyed the first of two days of Lightwalking for the Calgary Operas’ presentation of The Marriage of Figaro.  Did you know they don’t actual sing Figaro, Figaro, Figaro as shown in the Bugs Bunny Cartoons?    Wednesday flew by with household chores, shopping, teaching, and catching up on emails, Twitter, and Facebook.  Thursday was a day of preparation for dinner & the Opera, one of the perks of Lightwalking.  Friday was set aside to complete the final preparations for drum making. The drums were made and hung to dry on Saturday while watching Space Cowboys.

I am combining all the missed assignments into one big post.  I hope it isn’t too huge or boring.

I completed the 16th Assignment “Plug into Social Media” before it was given. During the widget challenge one of the widgets I added to my sidebar was a connection my Twitter feed to WordPress.

The 17th Assignment directed us to add a new page.  I added 2 new pages, one a contact page, not that I am expecting anyone to actually contact me and the second page is a disclaimer page.  I borrowed the idea from Serins at  Wahoo!  I have a 3 page blog.

The assignment I had the most difficulty with was the 18th Assignment – Try another blog event.  The purpose to expand our horizons, increase our opportunities for blogging and interact with another community, thereby gathering more friends or readers.

I looked at all the available options.  The photo challenges, the weekly challenges, the one word challenges, the poetry and the cooking events, none of the offerings resonated with me.  After wandering around the dozens of sites for a couple of day, reading the rules and criteria of each, I finally settled on the PBC.

Photo Blog Challenge  

I chose this challenge because it is a monthly event.   On the first of each month the event theme will be posted to which the participants will post 5 photos on their blog representing their interpretation of the theme.   I expect it won’t put too much pressure on me to produce an event post weekly, so it shouldn’t be overwhelmed.  In addition to encouraging me to take pictures of topics other than the mountain ash tree in my garden, I will enjoy interpreting the theme.  I will see how it progresses and what I create.  Here’s to the Photo Blog Challenge!

19th Assignment – Extend your Brand

Brand!  Wow having a Brand makes me feel like a product.   I guess that is what I am a writing product or a product of writing.  I now have a Blavatar.  It is the same photo that I used for my WordPress profile.  I figure if I am supposed to be consistent across the web I should maintain the profile I began with.  Here is the picture, let me know what you think.

I also created a page called Lightwalkers Blog attached to my regular Facebook page.  I tried to connect the two but haven’t seen any evidence that I completed the task correctly.  I will continue to try, but my mind is shutting down where technical tasks are considered.

20th Assignment – Create a Regular Feature

Before I registered for Blogging U 101, I wrote a post called the Meditation Cushion.  I will use this title as part of a regular feature for posts on thoughts, instruction and comments regarding meditation and how it can improve life and relieve stress.  I hope you will like what I post and try some of the suggestions.

21st Assignment – Last Weekend – Review your posts and Make Contact with your New Event Community.

I have enjoyed learning about blogging and especially enjoyed meeting many other bloggers.  I have even surprised myself with some of my new discoveries about myself.   It isn’t as scary as it appears, it is fun. I will visit my fellow Photo  Bloggers Challenge over the next month.

I recommend Blogging U 101 to anyone who is new to Blogging or who is struggling with or avoiding posting.  I have registered for Blogging U 201 and for the Blogging Writing – 201 Poetry sessions.

See you soon.

In love & light



13 thoughts on “Blogging U 101 – Assignments 16, 17, 18 & 19 Combined

  1. Wow, you did a lot of work! I’m doing the 201 Poetry one two. I belong to two poetry groups and am having fun in that community. One is for haiku and the other for all different types of poetry with a group of really talented writers. I feel sort of like the “amateur” but it is good reading all the different poems for the various prompts/features. That keeps me busy! It sounds like you are really enjoying blogging and making some excellent contacts. I am looking forward to your regular features in the future. blessings.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you. I enjoy poetry but for some reason i need to have some structure in order to write. I am looking forward to the challenge even though writing poetry can have me writhing over every little detail. I am glad you are continuing with Blogging U. In love & light Cheryle


  2. You would be surprised, who contacts you. Sometimes it is someone who is a non-blogger, just to thank you for posts written.

    I also signed up for !ogging 201 + poetry. 🙂

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  3. I happened to see this post via a pingback to my blog… always happy to have new people in the Photo Blogging Challenge! The February theme was posted yesterday and, as noted, one has all month to get the photos and then have a post on the last day and head over to my blog to link up! Have fun with it (and with blogging in general!)

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  4. Yes, I did know about the “Marriage of Figaro”. One of Wolfgang Amadeus’ greatest failures, at the time. Yet now one of his best successes. If you’ve never watched the film “Amadeus”? Then you’re in for a treat. Not exactly a true story, yet captivating. Cheers Jamie.


    • A failure! wow how unfortunate for him. I truly enjoyed the music and the language. Most of the Operas I work on, the lyrical element has been lost and the English translation has no beauty whatsoever. I will definitely look for “Amadeus”. You are such a fount of knowledge. I love learning from you and what you post. In love and light Cheryle


      • So I’m a know-it-all, huh?? ;-]

        Seriously, blame the MBPI for giving me a need-to-know personality type. It says on my about page ….. Jack-of-all-trades. I know a little about a lot, yet never actually mastered any of it.

        The British group, The Incredible String Band sang. “Oh you know all the words and sing all the notes, but you never quite learned the song”.

        Thanks for your support. Yet it also cuts both ways, ya’ know? Keeps us young!


      • I bet you are the information go to person. I believe knowing a little about a lot is so much better than knowing a lot about little.
        BTW, I am a INFJ. Have a wonderful day and enjoy todays adventure. In love and light Cheryle

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