1st Assignment Blogging U201 – Set Three Goals

The first assignment for blogging U 201 is to set 3 goals for my blog.   This assignment has me re-evaluating why I started to blog and what I  expect.

In the first assignment for Blogging U 101, I wrote I wanted accountability, a supportive environment and to develop a discipline to the “act of writing”.  To further explore and develop my meditation practice and to connect with people, who like me, wish to feel comfortable with themselves in order to live a happier life.

I realized re-reading my post, three goals were already created and spoken.  I just have to pull them out, set down their criteria and determine the measurement of success for each.

Discipline to Writing:  Many writers advise newbies to write every day.  Practice, practice and more practice.  Rewrite and Edit.   This would translate into:   regular posts, my readers anticipate and enjoy;  an accountable, consistent writing schedule.

I have registered to Blogging U 201 – Branding and Growth, Blogging 201 – Writing Poetry and the Photo Bloggers Challenge.  I also have a Feature “The Meditation Cushion” to which I want create a regular posting schedule.  The Blogging U assignments require daily posts.  Photo bloggers challenge is on a monthly posting schedule and The Meditation Cushion is on a post when I feel like it schedule.   I am not sure I can keep up the pace of daily posts beyond Blogging U and feel that a once a month post for each activity will keep me busy and happy.

I will re-evaluate this timeline three months after Blogging U has been completed.  If I determine I want to post more or less often at that time I will set a new schedule.

Further Explore and Develop my Meditation Practice.  Explore my abilities, increase my knowledge and experience, strengthen my instructors’ tool kit, and improve my voice as a virtual instructor.

To achieve this I would maintain a daily practice, read, experience and write about a variety of meditation techniques and philosophies. Post a monthly feature “The Meditation Cushion”

To Connect with People   The difficulty here is I have no idea how to get people to like me.  I did increase my twitter followers once by retweeting a news story about a woman who lifts weights with her vagina.  That is not the way I want to increase my blog statistics.

I believe being kind and honest with the people who like or follow me and who I follow,  is a good place to start.

I will continue my habit of looking at new blogs, commenting on posts I enjoy, engaging with my Blogging U colleagues and responding to those who stop by and like my posts.   I am now posting to the Facebook page “Lightwalkers Blog” and tweeting on Twitter. I will continue to update and retweet the tweets I find interesting or in case of the weightlifter lady controversial.

I will honour my goals by maintaining the posting schedule set out.

 Increase my Readership   Math is not something I understand or even pretend to be able to do, so suggesting I will increase my readership by 20 0r 30 % by the end of the month or year doesn’t make any concrete sense to me.

Currently, I have 71 followers gathered from Blogging U 101 alone.  I am embarking on 3 new endeavors’.  One which may have many of the same people I already follow and two in which I may encounter many new people.  My calculation works like this:  71 / 2 / 2 = approx. 17.

My goal is to increase my followers by 17 people over the next 30 days.

There, my goals are set down clearly and concisely, a new practice for me.  Over the next 4 months, I will see how I well I achieve them.


8 thoughts on “1st Assignment Blogging U201 – Set Three Goals

  1. I like you fine. I get the impression of a kind person who wants to share light and kindness and goodwill. Just be yourself, be honest. Be courteous, reply to comments, thank people for compliments. A simple thanks or smiley face works fine too.
    And your meditation cushion sounds like a good feature. I think with all the busy, we all need tips on how to relax, get in touch with the world around us, communicate with others. I read the other day, a woman who has been blogging for years saying, don’t forget to live life while blogging. Practice but don’t guilt yourself if you don’t post everyday. Be kind and remember, we are human beings, not human doings. It hit me with a big wow! Being…and I have a feeling your observations about nature and photographs and thoughts about the human spirit will really have an impact. Don’t get discouraged. You’re doing fine. Be you.


    • Thank you for the kind words of support and encouragement. Yes, I do guilt myself when I think I am not doing enough. You are so right we are human beings not human doings. Setting goals is something I don’t do well or do often. Part of my fear of success maybe coupled with my fear of failure – what a teeter-totter! 🙂 In love and light Cheryle


  2. I’m fairly sure you know how to make others “like” you? Stay the course, be true to yourself and values. Keep the friendly attitudes. Can’t fail! The rest is, the devil in the details. – Om mani padme aum.

    Lifting weights with her vagina, eh? Very funny. Snatch and grab, or jerk and pull? [Puns intended.]

    Cheers Jamie.
    The karmic wheel grinds on ….


    • You are funny! Thank you for your encouragement, the mantra and my morning smile. In life I generally sit by the wall worrying about every little thing. I only get out of my own way when I write or teach.
      Yes, lifting everything from surfboards to bananas! So many thoughts ran around my head while I watched the video I had to retweet.
      I am so happy that you are out there in the virtual world sharing your humour and unique perspective. In love and light Cheryle

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yikes! Normally I would not joke about such a sensitive area of a woman’s body. Yet, you started it.

        Yup, love that hedgehog song. It’s become a little dated and probably a little puerile? If you liked that you may like my all time favourite by them?In the same theme as Lightwalker. From the same album … Painting Box


      • I did start it didn’t I. haha Laughter makes the world a much better place. If we can’t laugh we would be so serious we would be stiff as boards and not be able see the truth all around us.
        The Painting Box is a beautiful song. Thank you for sharing it with me. I enjoyed it so much I have spent the last 45 minutes perusing more of their music. Wow! They are incredible. I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of them before. I learned they are from Scotland. Ya! Scotland the brave!. You deserve to have more people read your wonderful words. In love and light Cheryle


      • Hmmm, Incredible String Band or ISB really was more of a British phenomena at the time. They did try the N.American market. Canada had Stringband.

        By the time they came across, the “folk” boom was over. They did play Woodstock.

        As too in England. The markets had moved into “Glam Rock”. As well the two main protagonists, Robin and Mike, didn’t get along well.

        In 1960’s I was an apprentice machinist. One of my mates, came down from Edinburgh and told me of them. Saying he knew them and the extended family – commune. The first album I heard, “The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter” As the band moved into the 1970’s and became more electric in their music. They became lost and split up.

        I moved into an Ashram and lost a few years myself.

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