Assignment #4 – Blogging U 201 – Poetry – Concrete, Animal, Enjambment

Assignment #4 – Concrete, Animal, Enjambment

Difficult, difficult difficult……What a challenging assignment.  I did it!.  It is lame, but done.  I do need to remember that if I keep at it and don’t quit I can do anything.  A Life Lesson while writing poetry.  WhaWhoo can it get any better!.     In case It isn’t clear, this is a Concrete Snake.

    a snakes tale

S                                 le

lip                         tt       t

pery                      rat          a

slider             speed                     i

slow              of                      l

glider             burst                    wa

grab               a                      rn

ing a                for             in

spot              ways                   g

of sun         side

                  Sl i t h e r

A Concrete Snake Poem
A Concrete Snake Poem