Good Grief

Another treasure from my friend Shannon McFadden – Global Grandma. Check out her blog.

Global Grandma

There are as many ways to experience grief as there are human beings on this planet. Grief is a very visceral unique awful feeling, experienced with loss. The loss could be a person place or thing. Where there’s change is the possibility of feeling loss and grief.  Kubler-Ross defined 4 predictable stages to the grieving process; shock, denial, bargaining, and anger.  One can move quickly through each stage or slowly or stay stuck in any one stage indefinitely.

At work there are time limits set for how long you are given off work.   Anywhere from a day to a whopping 5 days to grieve a loved ones passing. Unfortunately people have used this as an unrealistic gauge of how long is an acceptable time to grieve. Fortunately research doesn’t support this silliness.  Studies have shown it takes time to regain our stride in life after a loss.  The greater the loss…

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