Assignment #10 – Spruce up Your Sidebar

Well, I completed the 10th assignment.  I read all the posts on widgets then added a few to my sidebar to spruce it up.  It needed sprucing as my blog isn’t very visually stimulating. The changes I made should add some colour and interest to the sidebar.

I changed the shape of the photos in the gallery in hopes that they will appear larger. I also added the Blogs I Follow widget which display photos of the blogs I follow.  I like seeing these friendly faces here.  I imagine anyone who pops in will too.   The text widget welcomes anyone who stops by giving them a quick run down on what I plan to write about. Basically, my interests and my goals.  I hope the changes are an improvement.

9 thoughts on “Assignment #10 – Spruce up Your Sidebar

  1. Good for you. I added the folks who follow my blog and added, 500+ Best Bloggers in the World to it. I like seeing those friendly faces too. I’ve been blogging 3 years and some months and it is always good to make changes – do some housekeeping, you know? I ned to do some widgets on my poetry blog sidebar, but I’ve been too lazy lately. I’m glad you are having a good time with this. Blessings.

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    • 3 years it seems impossible yo imagine. I can’t wait until i am that experienced. So far i have only played with the Blogging 101 page but will expand one the exercises are over and i stop to wonder What’s next.
      It is so kind of you to encourage people like me. Thank you so very much. In love and light Cheryle


      • I had several people who encouraged and mentored me, gave me good advice, loving positive criticism. I have made some good friends. I often write of the kindness of un-strangers and friends who become family. Part of this comes from the kindness, prayers, friendship through the years from my fellow bloggers. There are some really good people out there. Blessings.


  2. Hi Cheryle, Nice Job! Especially like the improved photo gallery section. So kind, to add a large selection of images:) Kudos kiddo! Cheers, Jamie.

    P.S. Already saw that Ted Harrison has died … don’t do twiiter. Have an account, but dislike using less than 145 words? As well, don’t like the name and “tweets” are just … well, ya know? I love real birds. Hirundine is the latin for Swallow family. Well hirundinae actually. Hirundine is – like a swallow.


    • I’m not good with twitter, but a number of people have friended me (?) on twitter so I thought I should at least keep it up, for now. I haven’t decided if I like the tweets on the sidebar or not. I added the widget as part of an earlier assignment. I prefer Facebook to twitter, for me it has more opportunities to actually connect. Apparently I am an early adopter…… I have a tsu account, but am not sure what to do with it. hahaha. I guess it will all fall into place at some time or another. I love that your name means swallow.


    • Thank you Mitsu for stopping by and taking a look at the changes. I too am starting to fall behind as well, but still within the time frame. All we can do is as you say continue onward. It is not as if someone is checking to see if we have our assignments on time. 🙂 Have a great day Cheryle


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