Assignment #2 – Say Your Name

Blogging U 101 – 2nd Assignment


Shakespeare wrote “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”.  While that is essentially true, if it were called the Stinkysmelly plant, not many would venture to find out.

It is the same for the name of a blog.  If I used my personal name not many people would bother to check out what I have to offer.  Unless of course, my blog was about baking.

I plan to create posts based on what I do, learn and wish to experience and share.

The name I employ in the virtual world is Cheryle Lightwalker, hence, Lightwalkers Blog. My address says lightwalker1.  I had to add the 1 because someone was already using Lightwalker. 😦  but that is the way of things.

I chose this name because it succinctly describes what I aspire to in this lifetime, a person who walks in the light and is filled with love.  Not necessarily an easy thing to be in today’s shark infested economy, world of wars and chaos.  It also reflects some of the roles I play in pursuit of occupation.

Occasionally I Lightwalk for the local opera company.   That is,   I stand around on stage for 8 hours a day for approximately 3 days 3 times a year while the Lighting Director, sets the lighting design for the current show.

Lightwalking for the Flying Dutchman
Lightwalking for the Flying Dutchman

I am much cheaper to employ than the Talent, am reliable, know my left from my right and show up sober.  I understand these qualities were an issue with previous Lightwalkers.    The really weird thing is, the only time I can actually tell my left from my right is when I am on stage.  If I am driving it is the drivers’ side or the passengers’ side.  I’m not sure why that is, but it works for me and most of my passengers.

I am a trained Reiki Master, Spiritual healer, Intuitive Flower reader, certified Reflexologist and Meditation Instructor in the Theraveda Thai Forest Samatha discipline.   All this training is in pursuit of my desire to be a better person, and to be of service to others.

I hope you find the title suits the content and brings you some light during the day or lightens your heart during a dark moment.