Blogging U 101 – Assignment #3 – Say Hi to My Neighbours

Mr. Rogers had it right.  Won’t you be my neighbour.  Yes,  neighbours are an important part of social survival.  Whether your  closest neighbour lives in the farmhouse a couple miles away,  living the apartment next door separated by the concrete wall or are living in a monastery halfway around the world in Thailand.

Close or far each person is an opportunity to make your life more engaged, informed and ultimately richer in texture.  Today, neighbours do more than help to raise your barn, assist you with  the bags of groceries or shovel your side walk after a heavy snowfall.  They show you their vacation pictures,  teach you a new language and share their ideas on topics of interest to them or to both of you.  They open your eyes, widen your world and shrink the planet to the size of a computer screen.

I found today’s assignment to be a little daunting.   In the way walking up to a strangers  home, knocking on the door to say Hi, I don’t know you, but  you look interesting, won’t you be my neighbour can be.  I danced around for a little while as I struggled  with the discomfort of stepping forward with my hand outstretched.  Finally,  I stilled the voice whispering it is all too much for me.   I reminded myself I am learning to move beyond my little box.  I sat down,  figured out how to find the people, places, tags and blogs I might find interesting as neighbours.  Once I started clicking it was easy peasy.  So many people with such diverse interesting things to say, show or explain.

In a sense this assignment was a success for me in more ways than anticipated.    It was a reminder of a lesson learned long ago but forgotten along the way.  No matter where they live, people are nice, open and willing to share what they know,  to help others along their journey. Thank you Blogging U 101.