Blogging 101 – 1st Assignment

Blogging U 101 – 1st Assignment – Who am I, Why I am here.

Just reading the assignment gave me butterflies.  Public viewing of my posts!  Oh my – what a step, I might be judged, I might write something that is of no interest to others or even worse I might even offend someone!

Setting the butterflies aside.  I am stepping outside of my comfort zone, in what I hope to be a safe and supportive environment.  I dabble in writing, poetry, photography, painting and other creative endeavours that I keep to myself. It is safer that way.  Also, I then have no accountability to maintain any commitment to the discipline it takes to follow a concept to it’s beautiful fruition.   It is time for me to grow, expand my inner horizons and learn how to do this ”blog thing” correctly and in such a way it has a positive impact on my creative activities.

I teach meditation as part of a world-wide non-profit, Willpower Institute.  My practice has begun to percolate into my heart creating connections in the real world. It is these perceptible observations I wish to further explore and develop with my practice through writing, blogging and other creative activities.  I hope to connect with people who, like me, may not feel quite comfortable in their own skin, but wish to be.  Who are also interested in understanding their impact on the world around them and how to live a happier existence.

If by the end of this exercise I feel more comfortable sharing my voice with others, I will be content and consider the effort a success