The challenge this month is spring.  Here are my photo interpretations of the month of May.

To begin I will refer you to a previous post a poem:  The Sound of Spring Has Come to My Garden.

Apple blossoms  1  Apple blossoms bloom bring about thoughts of fall fruit and pie

hardening off 2 Hardening off tender plants in preparation for their days in the garden sun

Rhubarb leaves Rhubarb leaves – poisonous, but the fruit is delicious

spring ready for tarts Rhubarb ready for tarts

spring baked fresh The taste of Spring, flavour ready to eat

However you enjoy it,  Spring wakes up our eyes, taste buds and imagination of good things to come.

Cheryle   May 2015



    • Thank you for stopping by and saying such kind things. The tarts were delish!. It is so odd how the leaves are toxic but the stalks are so yummy!. This morning I saw a teeny tiny pear and can’t wait for it to grow. In love and light Cheryle


  1. I have a bunch of fresh and cooked (into syrup) rhubarb in my kitchen at the moment. I’m going to cook the fresh too because I made the first batch of syrup too sweet for my taste. I like the tartness!

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    • Thank you for the lovey comment. Yes, they were delicious. I no longer make my own pastry – it takes forever – I purchase frozen tart shells. So easy I make tarts so much more often. In love and light Cheryle


  2. However you enjoy it, Spring wakes up our eyes, taste buds and imagination of good things to come. I believe you summed up Spring perfectly with your observation! Hope your apple trees bear lots of pies….I mean fruit! 🙂

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  3. Funny…I just mentioned to our oldest son yesterday that I should think about harvesting the rhubarb soon. I’m thinking a rhubarb pie baking session might be just the thing this weekend! Great set of springtime photos and thanks for sharing “the sound of spring has come to my garden.”


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