Day 20: The Things We Treasure – BLOGGING U – WRITING 101

My Most Prized Possession

My most prized possession?  I could write about my Cabin – my little RV, my access to heaven on the road to freedom.  I could write about my house, that I have loved for 26 years, built a life within, my sanctuary, my cave from the world when it becomes overwhelming.  It isn’t my collection of books.  Over the years I have learned to let them go and not become attached when I bring home new ones.  It’s not my paintings or the binder full of my poetry that records my progress from childhood to the present.

What do I pull out lovingly every so often, pour over for days when I am in the mood, and would want to take with me if I could only bring one thing? I would have to say my most prized possession, is the broken down cardboard box containing the photographs that tell the story of my life, my family and friends.

I know photographs aren’t really possessions, they are tangible but not possessions.  Photographs are memories brought to life through technology.  A moment in time, stolen for a reminder later in life.

Contained in that torn cardboard box that  I have taped and re-taped over the years ares the lives of my parents, my parents parents, my sisters, cousins, uncles and aunts, friends, colleagues and people I don’t even know.  They tell two stories.  The first one a history of my family.  The second story a history of photography. The earliest photos were taken with little brownie cameras, black and white. Grainy tales of a time long gone. The pictures then graduate from polaroid’s to instamatics then to various 35 mm SLR’s and finally to my lovely digital Nikon D60 and the ever durable waterproof bright red Ricoh.  I have lost three of the Ricoh’s.  If you find them you will know they are mine, they have my pictures on them.

These precious photographs, hidden on the shelf in the basement behind ancient school year books,  show farm life, city life, camping life and just life.  The pixie cut, the bob, the shag, the curly perm, the relaxed perm, the perm set with infrared lights and the dye jobs.  The little white dresses three year olds wore in the 50’s, the mini skirt, the midi- skirt, the maxi coat, bikini, the skort, the tube top, the several Canadian Forces uniforms and a few costumes worn for various stage productions.  They take me on a trip around the world. Well, at least Canada.  Toronto, Alliston, Montreal, cottage country, Ottawa, the Maritimes, Saskatchewan, BC, Vancouver Island, Alberta, many other cities in those provinces and back again.

Some of these little glossy, matte or fingerprint proof squares are, loose sorted in a not sorted order, others are put inside little photo books and albums, many are left inside their envelopes with or without their negatives.

Yes, these photos are the only things that cannot be replaced.  Yes, I can conjure the memories in my mind and reminisce without the tangible reminders, but as long as I can, I will love hauling out that tattered box, and touching every single shot taken of the past.

Cheryle  May 2015


16 thoughts on “Day 20: The Things We Treasure – BLOGGING U – WRITING 101

  1. I can definitely appreciate photographs, because I have quite many. They were put into albums by my parents, most of them. My own, still remain within the packages them came in from being developed. But I’ve designated a whole bookcase to photo albums and boxes of unsorted pictures. I always get a sense of tasting something sweet from long ago when I look at them.

    You’ve written a very lovely last post. Like the photographs, perhaps the things you’ve written will become a different medium of memories.

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    • Thank you Fim: You’ve made my day with the image of your photographs, so close to how mine are stored. Your encouragement and continued supportive words are important to me. In love and light Cheryle

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  2. Very nice, Cheryle! I too love my photos, that are mainly stored electronically now. Every once in a while I print one off, which is not really the same, is it? The inks fade, as well. I could take a disc to a developer? Yet, I probably will not. I have most of my old photos in albums, already in storage on the Island. As well as the boxful that are not in albums. Moving is always stressful and I realize how much needs to be “ditched”. Not the photos though. Cheers Jamie.

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    • Thank you. Moving is so stressful, that is why I haven’t done it for 20+ years. I dread the day that it will eventually have to happen. Much will have to be pitched, but not the photos. It is so amazing how attached I am to them. My recent photos are digital. Many were lost when a hard drive died and couldn’t be recovered. 😦 When I return to my parents home, I always spend a few days up in the attic pawing over their photos too. Have a super day. In love and light Cheryle


    • Thanks Jenniefer: So nice to see you on my blog, a very nice surprise. I am stretching my little wings and hoping they will grow. 😀 Sending big hugs to you too. xo


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    • Thank you. I am glad you enjoyed the memories. Even though hair cuts are transient physical changes they are emotional time capsules, transporting us back to the different periods in our lives. In love and light Cheryle

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