Four Elements Photo Challenge

Erin of Erins Big World Blog has challenged me to the Four Elements Photo Challenge. I am to post four photos that illustrate the elements Air, Fire, Water and Earth.   Stop by Erins Big World check out her photos and her applesauce recipe mmmm.     I hope you enjoy my selections.


Air is filled with messages (2)

The sun warms

Messages written

In faith

The words free

Fly to their destination


fire on the water

A waterfall of fireworks

Reflect a false heat

Upon the water


water fun

Summer Ravers Rollick

On waves which ripple and

Sparkle with the kiss of the sun


earth tufa cave 1

Tufa, fresh water rock

Sediment of limestone deposits – its’ creation

Crevices carved by fresh water

Hold secrets for the imagination

Copyright  Cheryle 2015

In order to share and spread the fun I nominate the following four blogs, people I have met through Photography 101,  to participate in the challenge:   Their photos speak to me each in their own  unique and inspiring way.

Christina of From My Horizon

Karen of Expressing My Vision

Cynthia M Voss of

Richard Gessford of

The Challenge:

Post four photos that illustrate the elements Air, Fire, Water and Earth.  The added poetry is part of the challenge criteria.  I added that feature on my own.

This is supposed to be fun.  Don’t worry if you are unable to participate or to nominate four other bloggers.


Day 8 – Blogging U – Photography 101 – Natural World and Leading Lines

Day 8 – Blogging U Photography 101 – Natural World and Leading Lines

I am a day late in posting my assignment for Day 8 – Natural World and Leading lines.  I thought I was being very clever and took an interesting photo of the arch at the front entrance to the yard.  My smugness quickly disappeared when I rechecked the assignment.  “Natural World”.  Ooops, steel pipe which may be considered of the earth, can in no way be considered natural.

Metal Arch   Oh well,……..back to the archives.

The Natural World of Water presented me with this photo opportunity of natural leading lines in the form of small waves reflecting over the bottom of the Pigeon River.

Ontario visit_11 15 13_0857

Photo Taken in Omeemee Ontario – October 2013

Cheryle March 12, 2015