Day 3 – 5 Day Black and White Photo Challenge

Today, I have posted what I call  Clouds Caught in Glass as my Day 3 offering for the 5 Day Black and White Photo Challenge.  Thank you hirundine608 for your nomination.

I in turn nominate:  emiliaciepla of  The Light Inside of Us.

There is no pressure to accept if you are unable to participate.  After all, this is for fun.

clouds in glass

Copyright Cheryle March 2015

Day 13–Photography 101 – Moment in Motion

Day 13 – Blogging U – Photography 101 –

A Moment in Motion


 Hips sway

A proud sashay

Across the dusty common

Every eye bright

Turns to alight

On the curve

Of the calves

Shaped by dancing

Tribal Dancers3

The soldiers strut

The women tut

They watch and leer

At the gypsy seer

 Whispers flow

The stories grow

She’ll see your future

She’ll cut your heart

One woman alone

The talk of the town

What a lonely life

She must lead

Cheryle – March 18, 2015

5 Day Black and White Photo Challenge

My friend hirundine608 challenged me to the 5 day black and white photo challenge.  This is my post and nomination for day 2.  I nominate:  Johanna Massey  There is no pressure to do this challenge is  you are unable to accept.  This is for fun.

This is the dancing birdbath.

Dancing Birdbath

Copyright Cheryle

Day 1 – 5-Day Black & White Photo Challenge

I have been challenged to post the 5 Day Black & White Photo Challenge by my blogging buddy hirundine608 of  The criteria are to post a black & white photo for the next five day and invite another blogger to participate each day.  I have accepted this challenge.

snow on flowers Mar 16

As for the second part of the challenge:  I nominate:  Donna George of Donna George Blogs.  I enjoy the photos on your blog and thought you might enjoy the challenge.   There is no pressure,  If you don’t want or are not able to participate.

Day 10 – Blogging U – Photography 101 – Mystery and Light

Day 10 – Blogging U – Photography 101 – Mystery and Light

I know this isn’t quite in focus, but I think it fits the theme.  I hope so anyway.

“People stay
Just a little bit longer
We want to play
Just a little bit longer

Now the promoter don’t mind
And the union don’t mind
If we take a little time
And we leave it all behind, and sing
One more song

Oh, won’t you stay
Just a little bit longer?
Please, please, please
Say you will, say you will”              Stay” is track #7 on the Jackson Browne Album  Running on Empty. It was written by Williams, Jason Aldine/weaver, Justin.

After the crowds have gone

In love and light Cheryle

Day 8 – Blogging U – Photography 101 – Natural World and Leading Lines

Day 8 – Blogging U Photography 101 – Natural World and Leading Lines

I am a day late in posting my assignment for Day 8 – Natural World and Leading lines.  I thought I was being very clever and took an interesting photo of the arch at the front entrance to the yard.  My smugness quickly disappeared when I rechecked the assignment.  “Natural World”.  Ooops, steel pipe which may be considered of the earth, can in no way be considered natural.

Metal Arch   Oh well,……..back to the archives.

The Natural World of Water presented me with this photo opportunity of natural leading lines in the form of small waves reflecting over the bottom of the Pigeon River.

Ontario visit_11 15 13_0857

Photo Taken in Omeemee Ontario – October 2013

Cheryle March 12, 2015