PBC – July 2017 – Point of View


This month’s challenge is Point of View.  It took me a few days to figure out what that meant for me.  Inspired by    GeoKs June 2017 Photo Blogging Challenge submission of a columbine from behind, I had fun photographing my subjects from underneath, a very different perspective and I believe an interesting “Point of View”.  All but the last photo were taken with my Samsung Galaxy S5 phone.

20170710_130712 c

From underneath the rose bush, shooting to the sky, I can see the many shades of rose bush green as blue-sky peeks through the branches.

20170724_105740 a

Since the camera was in “Selfie” mode I had difficulty keeping myself out of the picture.  As is evident with the shot of the Monarda, common name – Bee Balm.

20170710_130807 c

The ripening raspberries happily hang hidden away beneath the prickly canes.


This year I grew zucchini in what I call “the Mediterranean Garden” located on the south side of the house. With its’ ruffles and veins, the translucent yellow flower looks so much more delicate when seen from underneath.

garden july 12 to 14 2017_0046 a

This “underneath” photo was a bonus of pure luck when I stepped outside and just happened to glance up, I was greeted with the graceful flight of a dozen or more Pelicans enjoying the cloudless day.

I want to thank PJ for hosting these challenges.  I am grateful for the stretch outside my comfort zone and the enjoyment and ideas I get from  checking out the offerings from the other members, which you can check out here:    A ‘lil Hoohaa Photo Blogging Challenge – July 2017 – Point of View

Cheryle July 2017



13 thoughts on “PBC – July 2017 – Point of View

  1. Beautiful photos Cheryle! My favourite was the one with the birds – it reminded me of a fly-pass (I think that’s what I mean – when you see planes flying over to celebrate a special event), and I guess it was in a way.:)

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  2. Beautiful set of back lit photos. I especially like the light and shadow play on the leaves.
    Pelican picture prompted point-of-view proverb: Unless you’re the lead sled-dog, the view
    never changes! Cheers.

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  3. I think you did a good job with this theme! Well done! I always like this kind of a perspective for photos as it makes you look at things ever so slightly different. Nicely done!

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  4. Oh my gosh! Finally getting around to enjoying everyone’s July PBC posts and what a surprise to see reference to my blog at the start of your post and read how it shaped your point of view for the month. Your Samsung S5 has a great camera inside – the texture of the filbert(?) tree leaves and the fuzzy raspberries are beautifully detailed. Lovely, unified POV.

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