The Photo Bloggers Challenge – November 2015


The challenge this month was just outside of my comfort zone.  I like to sleep in, the later the better.   I thought I was going to have to pass on posting something, but I did manage to crawl out from under the comfy covers and capture something of what the world is like in the morning.   In a couple of cases, I didn’t even crawl out but took the pictures where I lay as my eyes opened.  I hope you enjoy.


The sunlight streaming in from the east as I shake the sleep out of my brain. I grabbed my cell phone and took this picture before I was fully awake.


The sun shines on the northern wall igniting the mirror and mask with morning light.  The quote by the Dalai Lama reminds me that I do need to do what I need to do in order to complete the challenge.  I kept it in mind as the month progressed with few pictures taken.

Morning Moon Nov 29 2015_0005

Good Morning World.  The night lights are still lit as the sun rises in the east as I decide I must make the effort to rise to the theme of the challenge.

Morning Moon Nov 29 2015 A

The morning moon slow to set in the west.


Coffee, the only reason I am still awake.

A ‘lil Hoohaa Photo Bloggers Challenge November 2015 – Morning

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Cheryle – November 2015



  1. Cheryle, the reflection of the lightbulb in the coffee mug is genius! Wow! It’s just the right counterpoint to the sort of sleepy feeling inherent in the rest of your photos this month. Two thumbs up!

    BTW, your link-up on the bottom of PJs post isn’t working properly. I found your post thanks to the comment you left on my post. If you fix it, everyone else will be able to find you.

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  2. I really enjoyed looking at your images..I can feel the atmosphere in your morning world and felt as though I knew what it would feel like to wake up in the morning in your home. I especially loved your texture in your morning curtains and seeing how the light reflects off your bedroom mirror. If I was going to do the ‘morning’ theme again I’d try to use your approach to this theme..your photographs are very inspiring.

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