This year marks the first float entry by the Alberta Thai-Canadian Association into the World Famous Calgary Stampede Parade.

final preparations 2

The parade kicks off the city’s 10 crazy days of its’ western heritage celebration.   During good years, businesses shut down, parties rage, bulls are ridden and Stampede Park hosts thousands of visitors each day.  During poor years, businesses slow down, parties pop, bull is spoken and Stampede Park hosts thousands of visitors each day.

Participation in the Parade is a triumph for the businesses and non-profits who are lucky enough to be approved entry.  It means millions of people will see your float live or broadcast on TV.  The possibility of increased business because of the exposure can be translated into additional clients, revenue or membership. Not to mention the bragging rights that come with the acceptance of entry and the anticipation of receiving the coveted Best Float designation given by the Parade Judges.

Final Meeting 1

The current President of the Alberta Thai Canadian Association (ATCA) is an intelligent, tour de force woman, who has a definite vision of what the Association can achieve and the road map to its success.  She is able to rally the membership to whole heartedly strive to execute new ideas in order to deftly move their organization into the diverse cultural arena that makes up Calgary’s multi-national population.

ATCA Entry on the way

The ATCA entry, conceived out of love for their homeland Thailand and their desire to share it with the world, brought together over 100 people to create. Visionaries, organizers, planners, designers, builders, choreographers and audio specialists spent months working to achieve their dream of the beautiful float following the 80 people representing different aspects of Thai culture.

final preparations 9da

The Thailand Sign Bearer, a young Thai woman dressed in a gold Thai Chakkraphat, led the way gaily waving, smiling and enjoining the audience to visit Thailand, if just for a moment. Next came the ATAC Banner adorned by the Serpent of Thailand and carried by four ladies.  Dressed in traditional Nung long skirts and Sabai shawls, they walked in front of two young men also in traditional dress who carried the Canadian and Thai flags.

final preparations 9h

Following the Banner and the Flag Bearers were Thai and Canadian ladies in traditional dress carrying gold and silver Pan Pum offering statues.

final preparations 9g

Next in line were the talented Thai and Canadian dancers who like fluid colour flowed along the parade route.  Their colourful outfits sparkled and jingled in the hot Alberta sun as they moved through the intricate dance steps to the music booming from the speakers mounted in the float.

final preparations 9a

The last performers, the Muay Thai Boxers, like the protectors of Thailands honour, walked before the float.  Men, women and children throwing kicks, popping punches and entertaining the audience with their fighting antics.

final preparations 4

The last vision of Thailand on the parade route was the ATCA Float, drawn by a well camouflaged truck covered in fabric, ribbons and glitter.

final preparations 9p

The float was adorned with a large triangular Golden Stupa, strategically placed amoung colourful exotic flowers and beautiful Thai ladies representing the 4 corners of Thailand. The lovely ladies, each outfitted in the traditional dress of their area waved and proudly exemplified the loving and generous nature of the Thai people.  A golden goddess waved from the centre of the float, representing a unified Thailand shining like a bright light out of the east.

final preparations 3

The passing of the float signaled the end of the ATCA entry, the audience members fondly waved and smiled as they watched a small piece of Thailand move further along the parade route.

final preparations 9r

The Alberta Thai Canadian Association entry may not have won any official awards from the Parade Judges, but the award of confidence and success they won in their hearts is untouchable and immeasurable.

Cheryle July 2015



  1. This is a great post! I so enjoyed the photos and your commentary was spot on. I hope they enter again next year and win. I imagine they gained a lot of good experience this go around and I know they enjoyed themselves and felt much pride. I know I certainly was proud!

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    • Thank you: Everyone who contributed was over the moon. I hope they do enter next year and win. I had fun taking the pictures and writing the post. Thank you for reading the post and leaving such a lovely comment. In love and light Cheryle


    • Hi. These pictures were taken down by the bow river east of downtown. 6th street & 3rd Avenue. A little north and west of Fort Calgary. It was a warehouse district and recently has become what is called “East Village” an up and coming area. I’m not sure if there were stockyards there or not. The Simmons Mattress Warehouse is an original building converted into destination shops. The City and developers are investing tons of money into making this a vital part of town. Condos, boutique shops and entertainment areas for activities like Opera in the city and Food Truck Festivals. Are thinking of the stockyards by the slaughter house just off of Blackfoot and Ogden? The stockyards are gone. It is an industrial area that also is home to the new super duper Calgary Police CSI facility. The Slaughter house is now an Art Gallery, Farmers market, a flea market and home to The Loose Moose Improvisational Theatre Company.
      So much has changed since the 60’s it is hard to navigate parts of the city. The Family of Man art installation at the Board of Education has been removed to sold. The City doesn’t have a lot of respect for history, brighter, newer and bigger is the motto. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on the post. Your encouragement is always appreciated. In love and light Cheryle

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  2. I just happened to find your blog and feel really prond in your perception that you got from our insight.

    Thank you for translating our Thai People’s dream into wording and pix to public.

    We are in line and plan for 2016 Stampede Parade:)

    Cha-Cha C.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Cha-Cha for stopping by and leaving such kind words. The joy of sharing the Thai culture with the world shines through the eyes of each person who participated in the Parade. It was my pleasure to watch and record the event. My best wishes on your 2016 parade entry. In love and light Cheryle


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