The Letter

Tears roll unbound down my cheeks

I refold the page, its paper worn

Re-read many times, many years


The letter fell


Left alone and cold

On the street


I look up,           around


Rounding the far corner

I glimpse

A woman of a certain age

It is her name typewritten in black

Her heart held by the words

Her life bent over backward


My fingers brush her shoulder

Padded for protection

An illusion of strength

Her head turns

Our eyes speak

My tears tell the tale

She knows

Her history struck my heart


I clutch her tightly

Hold her close

Tears flowing freely

She tilts my face to hers gently

Her rough thumb

Wipes away my pain

She whispers softly

It’s Ok, – I survived


She lets go

I am left

Alone and cold

She disappears into the fracas of people

Rushing along the street.


Cheryle April 11, 2015


16 thoughts on “DAY 5 – BlOGGING U – WRITING 101 – BREVITY

    • Thank you. It was a little scary not going into the details of the letter but I made a big difference. Thank you for getting what was hidden. I’m usually such an everybody needs to have all the information they need to type of girl. In love and light Cheryle


    • Thank you Pixie: thank you for reading it and leaving such generous comments. I am glad the emotions were palpable. I enjoyed writing this piece. It was hard not to go into the details of the letter or to tell what was upsetting. I am glad I was able to restrain myself. In love and light Cheryle


    • That was part of what I was going for. Thank you I appreciate you noticing. I’m usually such a blabber mouth – I think everyone should have all of the information available, it was hard to keep the details hidden. In love and light Cheryle

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  1. I saw you liked a post I was just reading and I clicked on your picture and found your blog. You have braids! I have one, too. So I thought I’d look you up and see what you write about. I’m not sure if you are new to blogging, but it appears you are doing blogging 101. I met a lot of great people when I did this course, too. I have two blogs. Easy to find through my gravatar if you want to take a look. One of them I am very serious about with serious content and the second one is for all the other things I want to write or reblog. So I will follow you and see what other wonderful things you have to write.

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    • Thank you for following. Yes I wear braids. I can keep my hair i order, my head cool and I enjoy the peace of braiding. I think it is cool you also have a braid. Ive been busy this week and am going through blog withdrawal. Once i have my time back i will check out your blogs. I started blogging in January and love it
      Blogging U is a wonderful way to figure out what us going on, meet interesting people and develop discipline. Which I sorely lack. Nice to meet you. In Love and light Cheryle


  2. Oh, something else I noticed. You ended a reply above with the phrase, Love and light. My husband and always say this to each other when we are parting – even going to another room. One says, “Peace and love” The other says, “Love and light”

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