I was so triumphant when I found the Owl in the tree and so much more so when I was able to capture it with my Nikon D60.  Can you see it?  Who Who  Whooo

Every year Owls nest in this same tree, raising one Owlet. They feed it, love it, teach it about owl life, flying and let it set out to make a life of its’ own.

Owl Eye

I have a special affinity for owls. They are beautiful, silent and can see in the dark.   Owl is one of my totems.

The Owl, connected to Athena, represents wisdom, intuition and being able to see beyond deception.  Often seen as being associated with the underworld, a protector of the night and in some cultures accompanies the dead to the afterlife.

I also played Owl in a children’s theatre production of Winnie the Pooh.  I don’t know if I was successful or not as I scared most of the kids.

Cheryle 2015


15 thoughts on “DAY 20 – TRIUMPH AND CONTRAST

  1. I had an owl fly into my house one night. The cats were playing with it and that is what woke me up. Well, actually, its flapping – but thankfully I was able to get it to fly out again, but the experience had me contemplating what it meant, if anything, for a long time…

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  2. Yup! One time we were switching cars in Trail. The yardmen found a small owl [saw-whet?] perched in the upper part of a Gondola car. Little guy was alive but almost frozen, due to the wind from the car’s travel. About fifteen minutes and he flew off onto some overhead pipes in the smelter.

    I am not an animist. So I do not view animals in such a manner. For myself it’s all about karma, dharma and maya. There are lives to be lived and lessons to be learned. I try not to waste my life, in human form.

    Owls are mainly nocturnal, yet I have frequently seen them at the side of the road, on a fence post especially early morning. Once when working for a farmer, in Wales. I was asked to go and clean up a derry. {A derelict house- one left over from the great flu epidemic early 20th century] Opening the door, I was greeted by the flight of a barn owl. Flying at me and exiting through the frameless window. Sucker was big, in flight. Such a beautiful bird. In the haste it hit a wing on the exit and left me a beautiful wing feather. Cheers Jamie.

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    • Lovely story. What a gift he gave you. I believe everything we encounter has something to teach us. Owls are majestic creatures, often misunderstood by those who are frightened by their own shadows. In love and light Cheryle

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  3. Cheryle – thank you so much for nominating me for the Versatile Bloggers Award. I am honoured that you took the time to nominate me and I so enjoy reading your posts. I have only just got around to accepting this and carrying out all the tasks required. Very many thanks, Marie

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    • I love your list of things about yourself. You must be very sensitive to energy. Do you sleep with a night light? I like to sleep with an open window, even when it is really cold outside. You did a great job with the award. In love and light Cheryle

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      • Thank you!! I used to sleep with a night light up until I was in my 20s. But I found I never slept very well. My childhood was traumatising and I think this is the major reason for being afraid of the dark. I used to have terrible nightmares and as I mentioned in my list, I was very much affected by the paranormal – ghosts and things. So that was my main reason for being scared. Fast forward to present day, I’m not so scared, but I do not draw the curtains as I need to have some light in the room. Luckily, where I am at present, there is a streetlight directly outside my bedroom, so I have enough light to comfort me. I bet you weren’t expecting such a detailed reply!! :)) ILaL

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      • Awesome. Thank you for sharing the details. I keep my curtains open too. This allows the air to flow in easily. I am glad you are not so scared and you live in a safe place. In love and light Cheryle

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