Day 13–Photography 101 – Moment in Motion

Day 13 – Blogging U – Photography 101 –

A Moment in Motion


 Hips sway

A proud sashay

Across the dusty common

Every eye bright

Turns to alight

On the curve

Of the calves

Shaped by dancing

Tribal Dancers3

The soldiers strut

The women tut

They watch and leer

At the gypsy seer

 Whispers flow

The stories grow

She’ll see your future

She’ll cut your heart

One woman alone

The talk of the town

What a lonely life

She must lead

Cheryle – March 18, 2015


9 thoughts on “Day 13–Photography 101 – Moment in Motion

    • Thank you. I am lucky. This spring is a Carmen spring. I have the opportunity to see Carmen the ballet and am Lightwalking, for a second time, for Carmen the opera. It will be interesting to compare all three versions. In love and light Cheryle


      • Summertime is wonderful a wonderful aria. So many artists have produced their own rendition of the song, including Janis Joplin. I prefer the Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong version, however, I am partial to anything by Louis. I can’t wait to see the ballet and the new version of the opera. Have a wonderful day. In love and light Cheryle


    • Thank you for the kind words. I tried belly dancing, but my body doesn’t move like that, so I content myself with watching those better at it than I. In love and light Cheryle


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