Day 6 – Blogging U – Photography 101 – Connection

Day 6 – Blogging U – Photography 101 – Connection

Todays post is about connection.

I chose to illustrate the importance of our connections especially transportation conduits. To demonstrate the effects when they no longer connect.

Phone pics_Jul 18 2014_1533

This photo was taken of the Bonnybrook Bridge just after it failed in 2013 and shows the damage to the bridge when the footing gave way.   At the time of failure the cars crossing the bridge were carrying a diluting agent used in the oil fields.  The derailment forced the evacuation of an area of approximately one kilometre square around the bridge.  We are lucky, we live approximately three kms from the site.  During the days following the accident, our neighbourhood was silent,  eerily so.  No trains, no cars no traffic sounds at all.   Our neighbourhood is connected to Calgary by two bridges and one old road that goes south.    We could not to into town using either of the bridges, we had to take a very round route using the old road. Me I stayed home, out of road.

Train, trucks, bridge and rivers_Mar 09 2015_0033

The second photo was taken today showing the final repairs in process.