Day 4 – Blogging U – Photography 101 – Bliss

Day 4 – Blogging U – Photography 101 – Bliss

It is mid winter here in Calgary.  Yes, the snow is pretty much non existent and the temperature is balmy 11 degrees C under the bright sun.  However, my bliss is being on the water without any cares, just floating and going with the flow.  I have posted a photo of my bliss just to remind myself it won’t be long now.  Another bliss is cuddling one of my wonderful furbabies.  Tom likes to join me when I am working on my computer and begs for pets and kisses.  It is bliss to feel his fur and his rough kisses.

Tom purring 1

Here is the summer bliss I am so looking forward to.


Copyright  R. Baker


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