Day 4 – Blogging U – Photography 101 – Bliss

Day 4 – Blogging U – Photography 101 – Bliss

It is mid winter here in Calgary.  Yes, the snow is pretty much non existent and the temperature is balmy 11 degrees C under the bright sun.  However, my bliss is being on the water without any cares, just floating and going with the flow.  I have posted a photo of my bliss just to remind myself it won’t be long now.  Another bliss is cuddling one of my wonderful furbabies.  Tom likes to join me when I am working on my computer and begs for pets and kisses.  It is bliss to feel his fur and his rough kisses.

Tom purring 1

Here is the summer bliss I am so looking forward to.


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Building Your Author Platform: What, When, and Why

Excellent resource for how to begin building your presence on the web

Kate M. Colby

With the new trends in publishing, especially the independent (indie) publishing revolution, creating and maintaining an author platform is more important than ever. If you plan to publish via the traditional route, building an author platform is a huge plus, as publishing houses love it when an author can bring his/her own readers and guarantee some sales. If you intend to indie publish, establishing a reputation for yourself and cultivating a readership is 100% necessary to your survival (and profitability). An author platform is the best way to do this.

What exactly is an author platform?

platformThink of your author platform like your personal soapbox. It is the raised crate on which you stand and shout your proclamations to the busy street of passerby. In less metaphoric terms, it is anywhere and everywhere you have a presence and a voice and display your brand. (Yes, you are a brand from…

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