Photo 101 – Photo A Day – Day 2 – Street – Wide Angle

Photo 101 – Photo A Day – Day 2 – Street – Wide Angle

Good Morning.   Today is an inside day so I selected one of the photos I took for the Photo bloggers Challenge presented by A ‘lil Hoo Haa at .  It is a fun recurring monthly challenge.  A theme is sent out early in the month and on the last day everyone posts five pictures they took during the month which represent their interpretation of the theme.  Last month the theme was “Winter”.

I hope this picture represents the Day 2 Photo A Day Theme:  Wide Angle aspect of the Street.

Winter About Town_Feb 06 2015_0093

Downtown Cowtown

Calgary bustles along Memorial Drive

While skyscrapers puff smoke

Proof they are alive.                          Cheryle  March 3, 2015

If I am going to learn anything about my camera and the technicalities of photography, I need to understand the language of the camera.  With that being said,  I am going to post the details of each photo.  I hope it isn’t boring to you.


f/stop f/11 Dimensions 3872 x 2592
Exposure Time 1/500 sec Width 3872 pixels
ISO Speed ISO –  400 Height 2592 pixels
Focal Length 55 mm Horizontal Resolution 300 dpi
Max Aperture 4.3 Vertical Resolution 300 dpi
35 mm focal length 82 Bit Depth 24
Digital Zoom 1 Resolution Unit 2
Lens Nikon DX AF-s

Nikkor 55-300 mm

1:45–5.6    GED  VR

Colour Representation sRGB
Lens Cover 58mm UV(c) lens cover Compressed bits/pixel 4

Much of the above is a  mystery to me.  It is my hope, with time and experience I will become fluent with what the camera is telling me.

I usually use my Nikon D60


4 thoughts on “Photo 101 – Photo A Day – Day 2 – Street – Wide Angle

  1. Hi Cheryle, You might look up the various “how-to’s” on Google? Here’s one found on Utube … I used Nikon through 90’s. switching to Canin in early 2000’s. I Now use ELPH 340HS. Apart from the klunky way it uploads from camera to computer. I like it. It is small and light fits in my pocket and has most of what, the larger cameras have. I looked at a full body SLR camera just a couple of months back. In the end, for me, the compact cameras win out. It is personal preference. I used a regular SLR camera since 1960’s and understanding the terms is a big help. Good luck with it all. Just knowing what to shoot is a big part. You’ve gotta’ kiss a lot of frogs, to find the prince … Cheers Jamie

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    • Aww Thanks for the help. I will take a look at the video. I use 3 cameras. In addition to my Nikon, I use my phone for those times I get caught short, and a Ricoh WG-20 – Shockproof and Waterproof for when I don’t want to carry the big bag. I lost a Ricoh, somewhere in the Milk river!. I now have a float that I attach to my wrist to avoid another loss. I loved my Chinon SLR circa 1980 but obtaining film is so difficult and having it developed is impossible. It’s the new lingo I have trouble with. I am learning to kiss a lot of frogs. Have a great day. Hopefully the sun will shine. In love and light Cheryle

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      • Well, the new keyboard for me, is helping produce my typos. I did mean Canon. Then the i and o are alongside each other ,,, in love? I would like to see that Milk stream.

        I too had a canoe that my son, when in his mid-teens. Nearly dumped everything into St.Mary’s river. Luckily i had bought new float bags and we saved it all. He now has that canoe and I’m looking forward to being in it, once more. We’ll see? Cheers Jamie

        P.S. Kinda’ wish, I had kept the Brownie box camera now …

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      • I figured out Chanin was really Canon. 😉 . There is always a learning period with new equipment even if it is a simple as a keyboard.

        The Milk River is a slow meandering river the colour of British tea because of all the sand it carries. (That is why it is called the Milk). It takes between 4 – 5 relaxing hours to do a float from Weir Bridge to the Writing On Stone Provincial Park. The landscape is fantastical, so beautiful it is hard to believe it really exists. If lucky, a deer or two may make an appearance.

        Once on the island you will have many opportunities for fun on the water. Another adventure to look forward to. Have a wonderful day. In love and light Cheryle


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