Blogging U 101 – Photo A Day – Home

Hello Fellow Photo Bloggers!

I am excited to participate in the Blogging U – Photo a Day.  The topic for todays’ assignment is:  Home.

My home is my sanctuary, my place of peace, space filled with love.

My yard has been given over to the birds, squirrels and feral cats.  Each species has their own sanctuary, created especially for them.  Here is a bird house a friend and his kids built over 20 years ago.

Home - A Sanctuary Everyone needs One
Home – A Sanctuary Everyone needs One

First it was occupied by sparrows, then the squirrels moved in.  They chewed the door to make it fit.  That is why it is so large and crooked.  The sparrows still use it, sometimes, but in the winter we can usually see a glint from the eyes of a black squirrel.    This picture was taken from my living room through the front window, using my Nikon D60 – on auto.  The indoor cats are able to see the bird house and have an opportunity to feel like the hunters they are. They cackle to their hearts content from the safety of their own sanctuary, our home and the birds and squirrels are safe from outdoor predators.  Everyone needs a sanctuary.

Cheryle March 2, 2015


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