Blogging U – Writing Poetry 201 – Sonnet, Future, Chiasmus

10th Assignment – Sonnet – Future – Chiasmus


When Summer Comes


I can’t wait to see what my future will be

I’m itchin’ to get on the road

All the camp gear is stowed

For me and my little RV

 .                   10351250_10152442787311280_6509159616268359082_n[1]

What my future will be, I can’t see

My food and camera are stowed

Zipping along on down the road

My little RV and me


Where will I go, fast or slow

What will I see when I stop.

Here and there, to and fro

On a dime the awning I’ll drop


Like a float on the river I’’ll go with the flow

Up or down, city or town, love the view from a hilltop


Cheryle March 1, 2015


7 thoughts on “Blogging U – Writing Poetry 201 – Sonnet, Future, Chiasmus

    • Thank you. I enjoyed the two weeks of poetry. I love it. I find it such a challenge, I squirm the whole time. Form Poetry is particularly difficult for me as I am not one to conform to structure easily. However, once started, it is one of the rare things I have to finish, I can’t just leave it sitting there, incomplete unfinished In love and light Cheryle


    • Yes, I believe the Italian sonnets were originally short songs. They have evolved over the years and most people are familiar with the sonnets by Shakespeare. I don’t have the skill or talent to put music to the words, but it would be cool. Enjoy your day. In love and Light Cheryle


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