Photo Blog Challenge – February 2015 – Winter

Photo Blog Challenge – February 2015 – Winter

Hello Photo Blog Challengers:

This is my first post of the five photos taken this month on the theme Winter.  I hope I figure everything out ok and can visit your photos to enjoy and get some inspiration.  In love and light  Cheryle

Winter 2015 Cat Tracks                 Cat and Bird tracks shadow the snow

Black and scruffy a black feral cat

Monk like she does alms rounds

Silent and unseen unless siting in the sun


Generous with gratitude

She gifted us a fresh caught mouse

Winter 2015 Downtown         Winter water silently slips through icy snow

Famous for trout

Fishers cast into the bow

As it meanders through the city

Quadrants north and south divided

Rafters, kayakers, surfer too

Yes, surfers recent since the flood

Enjoy blue refreshment from the summer sun

Winter 2015 Fence 1               Fence links

Repetitive texture

Shows snows

Sensual nature

Winter 2015 Steps 1              Winter a romantic season

Ice clings to the branches beautifully

Canopy the road perfectly

Accenting the wooden stairs

winter 2015 tire tracks              Tire tracks crisp and stark

Sharp against the smooth softness of snow


12 thoughts on “Photo Blog Challenge – February 2015 – Winter

  1. So terrific that another Calgarian has discovered PJ’s photo blogging challenge. I enjoyed the original poetry that accompanied the photographs, especially the one about the Bow River. Welcome aboard!

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  2. OK, not only did you take beautiful pictures, but you wrote beautiful words too! You so get bonus points! The cat and bird tracks are really intriguing to me… I hope the birdy got a away! And the winter water is just stunning.

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    • Thank you of your kind words. Yes, I am sure the bird took flight. . I will figure out how to get around the PBC and check out everyone’s photos. Nice to meet you Kindest Regards Cheryle


  3. The shot of the path and the trees, with the stairs in the background is nice! I also really like the shot of the water and the cityscape in the background. Both are well composed and very interesting! Well done!

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    • Thank you for your kind words of support. The park with the wooden stairs are part of the neighbourhood landscape. I think they look so beautiful in the winter. The bow river picture was taken while I was a passenger and I did what I call “Drive by Shooting Photography”. I am so glad the camera captured what I was seeing. In love and light Cheryle


  4. You definitely captured winter well with your photos. That one of the winter scene with the steps in the background is really nice. I like that tire track one, too. Good job with it this month!

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