The 2K International Writers’ Blog Tour – Jay Dee Archer

Jay Dee Archer, a fellow Albertan currently living in Japan writes science fiction. Procrastination is his form of writers block, but determination and editing are his friends. Take a look at his interview for the 2K International Writers’ Blog Tour.

Kate M. Colby

Jay Dee Archer

jay deeBorn in a very small town in Alberta, Canada, I went through an atypical childhood as a nerd, all the way up until university.  I have been living in Fujisawa, Japan, which is near Tokyo, for nearly ten years now.  I’m an English teacher, but writing is my passion.  I’m married and have one daughter.  We will be returning to Canada next year, where I will hopefully find a lot more time to write, and a lot more privacy.  Although I teach English and write, I have a university degree in physics and astronomy from the University of Victoria in Victoria, British Columbia.  This helped fuel my obsession with everything science related, including science-fiction.  When I’m not writing (which is most of the time), I’m playing with my daughter, going out hiking and walking, and blogging.  Through my walking, I also like doing photography, and have gone…

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11 thoughts on “The 2K International Writers’ Blog Tour – Jay Dee Archer

      • Yes, I am lucky, Calgary is nicely situated. We are close to so many interesting places. Drumheller, Dinosaur Park, Banff etc and Crowsnest Pass. When you return to Canada will you go to a small town or one of the bigger cities? Medicine Hat is nice, Hot in the summer, Lethbridge is windy, Red Deer is in the middle and growing. I’m not familiar with the northern cities. Kindest Regards Cheryle


      • We’ll be going to Edmonton. Calgary is an option down the road, but I’ve got family in Edmonton. I also have family in Red Deer, but just aunt, uncle, and cousins.

        Love Drumheller, though.

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      • It is tough leaving a place you love. I have missed many of the places I lived when I have moved. The memories, pictures and friendships are that more precious. Edmonton will be an exciting new chapter, with opportunities you haven’t even thought of. There is the possibility you can always go back. How long before you leave? Make the most of the time you have left there. Memories you family will cherish. Kindest Regards Cheryle


      • Sorry, I didn’t mean that Edmonton itself is new and exciting, just moving to and living someplace other than Japan. Even returning to a familiar environment there will be a period of adapting to and getting your bearings. Are you wife and daughter as familiar with the city as you are? The 14 months will pass quickly. Kindest Regards Cheryle


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