I Am A Volunteer – First Installment

Yes, I am a volunteer.  I have many skills and instead of letting them waste away with disuse I keep them sharp and up to date.  I believe in service and helping.   As long as I believe I am helping, I am happy.  I think I was born to be a helpmate.  Currently I volunteer at a seniors club, at a non-profit for meditation and I deliver bread from a Cobbs Bakery to a Family Resource Centre in my neighbourhood.

Ogden House 50+ is an active Seniors Club, with many ongoing and periodic activities scheduled for its’ many members.  I sit at the front desk once a week for 2.5 hours, I thoroughly enjoy the opportunity.   I greet everyone who comes into the club, I will eventually know all of their faces, names and interests.  I think of each one of them as my friend.  I am an introvert who is able to handle this type of social interaction.

Wayne Cao Chili Cook Off_2013 07 06_0667I have fun maintaining the activities board and corresponding binder.  This way I can help any member who wishes to sign up or know what is going on.  I handle a small petty cash, so members can purchase tickets for the TGIF, pay for classes or buy crafts and memberships.  I also help in many other ways.  I take photos at events and helped out with the very first calendar the Club has published.  I had such a good time collecting the props, learned a lot about the publishing of a calendar and loved making sure the models felt like the pampered stars they are.

There are so many activities during the month for social members.  On the 2nd Friday of the month is the TGIF – dinner with club members, sometimes with entertainment and always an evening of fun for only $12.00.  Members get together weekly for Pot luck or pizza lunches, Happy hour on Friday, and to celebrate special events. Monthly they attend meetings, special event celebrations and one of a kind activities.

Active members can choose from Table Tennis, we have a skilled membership of award winning players, Zumba, Move N Mingle, Fit 2 Age, Aerobics, Yoga, Carpet bowling, musical and drama clubs are all options available to those who wish to maintain an active healthy lifestyle.  The Woodworking shop is fully equipped for the creation of individual projects or gifts for sharing with friends.   Members who enjoy a more quiet challenge can participate in:  Yoga, Tai Chi, Painting, Art classes, billiards & snooker or read a book from the library.

We have members who enjoy travelling to Rosebud for the plays, Canmore for the mountains and a meal at the Rose N Crown and those who sign up for the musicals or the comedies mounted by Stage West.

Yes, I am a volunteer, but not the only one.  Members, all 50 years and above are happy to offer their special skills or expertise to make this Club a busy happy place to be.  The volunteering opportunities are numerous and varied.  Casinos, Quilting, Craft Sales, board members, assistance in the kitchen or serving dinners, decorating or sitting on special project committees are just a few ways a person can contribute.

Come on in and check out this little club with the Big Big heart, I am positive there is something that will interest you to stay

Feb 7, 2015



13 thoughts on “I Am A Volunteer – First Installment

      • You do not reasons for a good heart. I too have done volunteer work, here in town. In the end the work itself is its own reward. After almost 40 years of living in Nelson. I’m so ready to move on. The prospect of living on Vancouver Island is exciting but apprehensive, for me. Leaving all these people and systems I know. The money aspect is scary. Yet nothing ventured, etc.I wish I could come by and say hello, so this will have to do.

        Cheers Jamie

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      • Hello: You too have a good heart. I feel it.
        It is a scary prospect, leaving all that is familiar and comfortable. I have never been to Nelson, but have heard many good things, about the place and the people, that make it an attractive place to live. The closest I have been to Nelson was to attend Shambhala a number of years ago. The best sleep I have ever had.
        Vancouver Island is a wonderful place, close to the ocean, with many serene places in which to sit and meditate. I have visited the Island twice. Once when I was very young and once a few years ago. Both times I was struck by its’ beauty and its’ isolation. You are right, it is expensive to live there. At one time living in Tofino was a beautiful dream. I did all the research and found there was no work for me that would pay the bills.
        Deciding to stay or go is a decision that is not to be made lightly. Which you already know. As my teacher says: It is up to you. Question, investigate, experience and evaluate, everything. Only you can determine what is for you. Only you know yourself, your reasons, the destination and the possibilities.
        Though I wish to take my little RV and live like a dhutang monk, I know too much isolation would be dangerous for me. So I maintain my connections and activities, even when I would rather cocoon. Have a wonderful day, enjoy what you have. In love and light Cheryle

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  1. Thanks Cheryle.

    Hmm you’re the one volunteering, not I. My son, when he was not living with me. Has only lived on Vancouver Island. I have visited, more than a few times.

    Since his son was born, I’ve been wanting to move closer to him. He says he wants me too also. I did previously think, about ten years ago, of moving to Nova Scotia. Now I’m glad, not to have.

    When my house sells, I have to find somewhere to live there. I’m thinking Nanaimo? Coombs? Parksville? Campbell River? Wherever it is. It’s likely to be temporary? Until the place I wish to live, is found. You never know? It may be Victoria? It’s still affordable, if you know where to look.

    Thanks for your input. I do not have an RV, yet that may be a possibility later? I am okay with both city and rural lifestyle. Having done both previously. A boat may be fun? I doubt it will be so, yet, ya’ never know?

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    • It is important to be close to family. Yes, a boat might be fun. The right situation will present its self and you sound like you are in the perfect position to walk through that door when it appears. In love and light Cheryle

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  2. Volunteering just helps fill the soul…
    I volunteer to crochet hats, scarves and blankets for the Mandela Foundation as well as the homeless.
    Its not about outlaying a whole lot of money but if everybody did something, what a wonderful world it would be!

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