Assignment #2 – Audit your Brand – Blogging U 201

Instead of completing this assignment, I feel I have already done the work, I posted another selection under “The Meditation Cushion”

When I created my blog and completed Blogging U 101,  I very carefully and thoughtfully selected the theme, added widgets,  sidebars and connected with social media. Even though the theme “Big Brother” is not very versatile,  I believe my blog brand is at a point where I am happy with what it represents.

Therefore instead of a post on this assignment,  I hope you enjoy the “Meditation Cushion”  post on what we are doing when we begin to meditate.


2 thoughts on “Assignment #2 – Audit your Brand – Blogging U 201

  1. My assessment too. However it’s given me time to work on that Liebster thing. Maybe I can actually complete it?

    Having spent a lifetime using meditational technique, this gives me a warm glow, of an internet kindred spirit. So many people dismiss meditation out of hand. True prayer. You ask for nothing. Just sit and be. Communicating with spirit. Quieting the mind.
    Cheers Jamie

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    • Great Job on the award acceptance. It gives me an inner smile to pass it on to you.
      Yes, meditation is prayer. It is difficult yet at the same time so simple. The benefits of a quiet mind are unquantifiable and I know I am a better person because of it. In love and light Cheryle

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