Assignment #4 – Blogging U 101 – Write for Your Dream Reader

Dream Reader,  sounds like a song from the 70’s written by Gary Wright.

You are an esoteric.  Delving into topics and activities others have no concern for.  A creative individual happy to build something out of nothing or recreate beauty from ugliness or the tossed aside.  Happiness and health are your mantras. Even though people tell you there is more to life than that.   Dreaming that big dream of peace and tranquility, you follow your heart into practices of healing, spiritual expression and creation.

Meditation, Yoga, Chanting, Drumming, Healing, Dancing, Acting, Painting, Sculpting, Sketching, Gardening, Writing, Reading, Baking, Cooking, Travelling or Serving may be your expression of choice. An introvert or extrovert you have a unique way of communicating, not everyone understands.  It can be difficult at times to be on the outside, but so rewarding to know you have such beautiful gifts.  Your appreciation for your special abilities may not have developed early on, you needed to experience the mundane in order to blossom into the full bodied flower that you are becoming.  Filled with colour, heavenly scent and a strong stem you can stand on your own even in a strong wind.  Like the glow of the rainbow after the rain you stand out against the grey.  Difference is you mark, recognized by others you see you as the Way-Shower that you are, the Heralder of what could be, can be and will be.

Like the words in his song,  Your love, courage and humour,  “can get me through the night, fly me away to the bright side of the moon.”  You,   are my Dream Reader

4 thoughts on “Assignment #4 – Blogging U 101 – Write for Your Dream Reader

  1. I love that song. Thanks for the nostalgic moment. My first husband and I had had built a 34ft sailboat in our back yard in Phoenix, Az and then trailered it to San Diego where we launched it. Dream Weaver was the name I wanted to give the boat. I got vetoed.


    • I am sorry you were vetoed. It is a perfect name for a sailboat. Thank you for stopping by. Yes, it was nostalgic for me as well. Listening to it have so many years, I listened with different ears. It now resonates with my meditation practice. Wow, how the perception changes. I am glad you enjoyed it. Cheryle

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  2. Hi Cheryle!
    Just wanted to thank you for following along with our homesteading adventures at Stand Upon Grace! I love the Dream Weaver song, and think it would be a wonderful addition to a yoga/meditation practice!
    Blessings~ Wendy


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